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Interior Design Testimonials

"Maddie is amazing. She can do it

all! I'm always in awe of how fast and effective she is. She's just go, go, go! So far she has helped us declutter and get organized, a process she has made not only painless, but actually fun! I can't wait for the design work to begin. I tell everyone, 'You need this girl!'"

-Jennifer Richards, Glenview

Luxury upholstery fabrics for decorative pillows and furniture.

"We loved working with Maddie. She was responsive and worked quickly but was also so patient with us when we took forever making decisions. She went around and around with us on paint colors to put our minds at ease and I’m so happy with how it all ended up! We didn’t want our home to feel matchy-matchy but we wanted things to be cohesive and warm, and that’s exactly where we landed. In addition to paint she helped us find rugs, reupholster chairs we already had, choose fabrics for a custom couch, and furnish our entire dining room. All in all it was a great experience and we highly recommend working with her!

-Stacey Cloud, Evanston

Indoor outdoor fabrics for a custom designed patio that ties in with the adjacent indoor sunroom

"It has been such a pleasure working with Maddie from Collected Design. She has a wonderful eye and has struck the perfect balance of pushing us to take decorative risks while always listening and patiently offering as many options as needed until we are comfortable. Maddie works energetically and efficiently and we are incredibly happy with all the work she has done in our house. I have worked with many designers and Maddie is by far the best!"

-Melissa Delia, Lake Forest

"Maddie impressed me with her ability

to work quickly and her impeccable sense of style. Her instincts are spot-on, effortlessly discerning the best design solutions for every space. Her keen understanding of her clients' needs allows her to choose harmonious designs, colors, and furniture, while her expertise in repurposing existing items adds a personal touch. Working with Maddie was an absolute delight, as her fun and vibrant personality made the entire process enjoyable and stress-free. Her passion for design shines through in her meticulous attention to detail. I highly recommend Maddie for her efficiency, great instincts, and ability to create beautiful, personalized spaces."

-Tara Blitz, Los Angeles

"Maddie was so patient when I took my time about deciding on what colors I liked best and what pieces I wanted to buy. She didn't quit until I felt completely confident about our plan. When I finally moved forward, I loved everything she helped me to choose and only wished I had gotten moving sooner!" 

-Erin Garcia, Chicago

"Maddie‘s creative mind and unique artistic abilities make her a fantastic interior designer for any space. She made our very large, empty house inviting, warm, cozy and vibrant. It’s practical, elegant and unique. She perfectly executed the style I wanted and catered to my often picky taste. The best thing about Maddie’s approach is that she understands the complexity and logistics of interior design and is willing to get her hands dirty. She not only designs, she paints, restores furniture and hand picks special things for each corner. She brings both creativity and practicality to the table and is always willing to go the extra mile."

-Marni Smith-Ross, Riverwoods

"We have worked with Maddie on both large and small organizing and design projects. Initially seeking design advice, we realized our possessions had to first be culled and organized. We have lived in our lovely home for years but accumulated too many things! Maddie is extremely organized and most efficient and was able to help us pare down the decor in our home and finish the rooms we were not quite happy with. She is a delight to work with and has a keen ability to listen to her clients’ goals and put a plan into action. My husband and I enjoy our home far more since working with Maddie."

-Susan & Dave Turner, Evanston

"Maddie was super easy to work

with. She listens well and came well prepared to our meetings with samples and lots of creative options to choose from. She has a great eye for color and created the warm, inviting spaces we were looking for."

-Suzanne & Keith Ross, Glenview

Interior paint colors and luxury fabrics for upholstery, decorative pillows and custom window treatments.

"Maddie and I have been working together professionally for over 12 years and have become good friends. She's helpful, friendly, works hard and pulls her own weight. It's always nice to work on a project with someone you can count on." 

-Paulino Gaspar, Contractor, Des Plaines

Custom floor plans, 3D renderings and detailed measurements

"Maddie is extremely talented and a pleasure to work with! She turned the house we lived in into our home. Maddie helped us find a color palette that feels like “us" and also helped us design custom furniture that fit our aesthetic, lifestyle, and budget. She was extremely patient with us. She gave us time to make decisions while also helping us to stay on track. We are so happy that we decided to work with Maddie!"

-Samantha Asher, Highland Park

Interior design materials, floor plans, 3D renderings, interior paint colors, luxury upholstery fabrics, etc.

"I happily recommend Maddie for your next Interior Design project. I have worked with her for several years and she is always very prompt in responding to my inquiries and she has a great design eye, maintaining a great  balance between style and practicality.  Maddie is very professional and always thinks of the client's needs."

-Lesa Tsagaris, Fashionable Windows,  Glenview

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