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Luxury upholstery fabrics for custom upholstery, custom window treatments and decorative pillows
Custom wood finishes, paint colors, upholstery fabrics, floor plans, mood boards, 3D renderings, interior design planning
Maddie Sykes, Custom residential interior design consultant

I learned about interior design from my mom. After a rough time in her life, she opened her own interior design business when I was seven years old, and I watched how she grew so much through her passion for design and her business ownership. When I was out sick from school, I would nap under the worktable at her studio and come home covered in fabric fuzz from the sample books that lined the walls. Every once in a while she would let me play hooky and join her at the Merchandise Mart for a day of being her little design assistant. She often asked my opinion on patterns and color combinations, and I relished the opportunity to be involved.


Many years later when I longed to start my own design firm, but fear stood in my way, my mom reminded me that I’ve been doing this work my entire life. I’ve been going to the Merchandise Mart since I was 8 and assisting on high-end, North Shore design plans since I was 14. By 17, I had my first real job as the merchandise manager of an upscale home decor boutique in Winnetka and even merchandised a few advertisements in North Shore editorials. Interior design is what I love and it’s what I do best, so I started Collected Design.


I am passionate about creating your dream home, about finding the color scheme that speaks to you and the fabrics that make your eyes widen with excitement. I love a well-designed room, one that supports the day-to-day routine of your life but also brings you joy and calm. My goal is that your house be organized and designed thoughtfully so that even the functional aspects of your life are beautiful. I’ll also curate the treasures you’ve collected over the years to bring your spaces to life in a way that is unique to you. And rest assured that with me you’ll have access to gorgeous, quality products from vendors I know, trust and have worked with for many years, and my mom before me. This way, your Collected Design can last a lifetime.

I'd love to hear more about your project.

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